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Reliability and innovation sees Motocaddy dominate compact-folding market

12 February 2019

The determination of Motocaddy to offer unrivalled reliability and superior compact-folding on its electric trolleys has seen the brand outsell all competitor compact models by 17% since last summer, according to recent figures from leading industry research specialists, Golf Datatech.

Following a strong finish to 2018, the report also confirmed the Stansted-based company as the UK’s best-selling electric and push trolley brand across the full year.

Since launching the M-Series range, the award-winning models have proved extremely profitable to stockists, both in terms of sales and its growing number of rental fleet partners.

“The positive reaction to the M-Series models has had a massive impact on both trolley sales and the rental income streams for many of our retail partners,” said Sales Director, Neil Parker. “Sales volume for our compact range in the second half of 2018 was up 148% compared to the previous season and 2019 pre-orders are also up 30% year-on-year. This really sets us up for a big year after strong market share gains in the second half of 2018.

“Reliability is always a major factor when choosing a new product and we’ve made significant investments in R&D to ensure that our latest product range maintains Motocaddy’s reputation of providing the most reliable products for golfers and stockists alike. We’ve also seen a tremendous response from customers to our most attractive pre-order packages across the full range of electric, push and bag lines,” added Neil.

Comprising of five models, the latest M-Series range offers the widest choice of car-boot friendly and easy-to-fold electric trolleys seen on the market since Motocaddy pioneered the compact sector in 2013. Providing features to suit the needs of every golfer, the range offers unrivalled handle stability and the smoothest ride thanks to oversize tubing. They are also powered by a next generation 28V high power system, making them twice as powerful as other compact trolleys on the market.

The easiest and quickest-folding M-Series family is not just 30% smaller and takes up 40% less floor space than the S-Series entry level range, but it offers a folded footprint 11% smaller than its nearest competitor – making it perfect for easy transportation and storage. In designing a more compact frame, Motocaddy has also incorporated a super-light Lithium battery that’s a third smaller than rival options, while still boasting 30% more power than the previous M-Series battery that it replaced.

Rental success

The success of the M-Series range has also had a positive effect in the rental market. Motocaddy has calculated that an impressive 15 folded M-Series rental trolleys can fit into the space taken up by a ride-on buggy, so it’s no surprise that golf facilities are turning to the brand’s space-saving compact models.

They include former Open Championship venue, Prince’s Golf Club in Kent, where Head Professional Charlie Wilson is clear about the reasoning behind his decision. “The rental market is very competitive and I switched to Motocaddy because I found they were very reliable and cost effective.

“Ever since I decided to change, the service and experiences I’ve had with Motocaddy are what encouraged us to choose them in the first place. Word travels fast in the golf industry and you get to know the companies that value their customers and offer reliable products.

“If any other Pro is considering making the switch, then I’d advise them that the initial investment can be repaid within 4-6 weeks and I now work to the philosophy of having a rental fleet which is reliable everyday with no hidden charges for future servicing and maintenance. It’s proved an effective way for us to make a ROI and is proving a vital revenue stream,” added Charlie.

With more than 30,000 rounds a year played over two courses at Prince’s, there is a high demand for electric rental trolleys that won’t breakdown during a round.

“I tried a Motocaddy demo model for a few rounds and the sales support from the brand was very good. We were offered a fleet programme of compact-folding M1 trolleys and off the back of this we then purchased stock for the pro shop.

“Since then we’ve doubled the fleet size to 10 M1 trolleys and see them all regularly booked out during weekend periods. Last year, we doubled our revenue generated through hire trolleys. I’m now looking seriously at upgrading to the new M5 GPS model, as it’s a feature I really like which also allows us to charge more for a rental product. We’ll review how our M1 rentals perform during the first half of this year and then make the decision based on the potential for increased profit,” he added.

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