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New Arccos Coaches Dashboard offers total performance insights

26 April 2018

Arccos Golf, leading developer of game-changing connected golf products, has introduced a new web-based platform that enables PGA Professionals to access and interpret their student’s on-course performance data and it promises to transform conventional golf lessons.

Called Arccos Coaches Dashboard, the innovative free platform leverages the award-winning Arccos 360 performance tracking system to automatically record and analyse every shot a player hits during each round. The resulting data helps the coach to connect what arises during a lesson with what the student has been achieving out on the course.

“Almost all of the world’s best players and their coaches use on-course performance data to inform their practice regimes and tournament strategies,” said Sal Syed, Arccos CEO and co-founder. “Now every instructor and any level of player can benefit from the same factual insights – which means more efficient lessons, greater student satisfaction and enhanced revenue opportunities for coaches.”

A simple centralised solution, the Arccos Coaches Dashboard eliminates the need to rely on a student’s post-round feedback or often flawed manual data collection. The wide array of insights provided to coaches by the platform include: advanced analytics for every game aspect; strokes gained analysis for driving, approach, chipping, sand & putting; powerful visualisations for Smart Distance club gapping; accuracy and performance data for every club and distance; and player performance trend identification.

“With the Arccos Coaches Dashboard instructors have streamlined access to data-driven insights for every player and when play on the course dictates what happens during a lesson, then a total paradigm shift in coaching has arrived,” said Bob Ford, Arccos Advisory Chair and General Manager at Seminole Golf Club in Florida, who was consulted during its development.

Facilitating this revolutionary shift was the introduction of golf’s first artificial intelligence platform, Arccos Caddie which was developed in partnership with Microsoft. It shows a player their optimum strategy and club selection on any hole in the world, based on personal shot history, course elevation and weather conditions. It was also recently declared permitted to use under USGA Rules.

Arccos Caddie in harness with Arccos 360 was recently acclaimed as ‘Best Game Analyzer’ in the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for 2018, while Arccos Golf was named among the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018’ by Fast Company.

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