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11 May 2020

Stylish Italian golf shoes in step with the leading golf social community

Italian golf fashion brand Duca del Cosma is building on its recent launch into the North American market by partnering with the Women on Course community of more than 20,000 business women and lifestyle enthusiasts across the U.S.

The new partnership will see styles from the latest premium Duca del Cosma shoe collection presented to WOC members during 500 events at golf courses that are open this season. The interactive community that connects women through the game of golf will also profile the Duca del Cosma products across its website, email campaigns and social media posts.

For its part, Duca del Cosma will enable WOC members to benefit from an introductory discount on shoe purchases, plus the chance to win prizes and gift certificates across the eight different styles in the new women’s collection. They include distinctive leather shoes that can be worn on and off the golf course featuring animal prints, textile patterns and colors unlike any others in the golf market.

“Partnering with the Women on Course social community is the perfect step for the Duca del Cosma brand, as it offers something truly different in fashionable golf footwear for women,” said Steve Gray, VP Sales for Duca del Cosma in North America. “We see great potential in this partnership, because we share the values of dressing with style to play the game and then having fun both on and off the course,” he added.

Donna Hoffman, who founded Women on Course 15 years ago, is delighted with the partnership. “The unique designs and quality of the bench-crafted Duca del Cosma products will be quite appealing to the WOC community, who turn to us for connection with fashion-forward golf brands,” she said.

“Fashion and footwear play a major role in the lives of the community and fashion features enhance engagement at our events. Many players are not competitive, but participate for recreational, business or social purposes. While they may not always stand out for a stellar golf swing, they can certainly be noticed for their fashionable style. Women connect differently than men. You will often hear questions like: ‘Where did you get those great looking shoes?” as a conversation starter at a Women on Course event,” Donna added.

The original 2020 WOC event program was based around 800 events, but is now focused on 500 accessible courses. Social distancing also presented a problem for the community’s traditional 19th hole connections.

Typically, Women on Course took on the challenge to transition from an in-person experience into a virtual one. It continues to engage women by hosting virtual interactive events on topics such as golf readiness, personal skills and taking a look at the story behind its brand partners.

Communicating on Zoom, members are encouraged to meet people and actively participate, while we also looking to engage through social media. “We’ve found that we can engage more women using these digital platforms that connect them with content and products from our national partners,” Donna added.

For her personal golf shoe selection, Donna went for the Vogue model in Mint. “They have a ‘designer’ look to be noticed, while also being neutral enough to match with any outfit. As the founder of Women on Course, I strive to stand out for my fashion-forward style. These shoes are not only fashion-forward, but are also built for performance. Golf is a sport after all, so if your shoe is not designed for comfort and course conditions, you won’t have an enjoyable round. Duca del Cosma considers both construction and style and I can’t wait to try them out!”

For details of the full Duca del Cosma range, visit: www.ducadelcosma.us

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